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Kelly Kirk

Owner + President of Greymark Design + Build

Kelly Kirk, the Owner and President of Greymark Design + Build, brings a distinguished background and financial expertise to her leadership role. Joining the company in 2018, Kelly quickly ascended to the position of General Manager, demonstrating exceptional resilience and leadership.

Kelly showcases an unwavering strength and commitment to her team. Her compassionate approach, coupled with a focus on family and community, has added a unique dimension to Greymark. Beyond her professional endeavors, Kelly balances her role as a loving wife and mother to two toddlers. Kelly enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, and escaping Houston’s heat and cell phone service to the New Mexico Rocky Mountains.

Which unwritten rule should be mandatory?

Unequivocally I would make returning shopping carts to the designated shopping cart return spot mandatory. The “shopping cart theory” — big fan.