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Elevate your home with Greymark Design + Build's exceptional kitchen remodeling services. As the heart of your home, your kitchen deserves the utmost attention to detail and functionality. Explore a variety of design styles, from contemporary to mid-century, and watch as your dream kitchen comes to life. Our expert team prioritizes efficiency, offering solutions to maximize space and update appliances for a more cost-effective and modern kitchen. With kid-friendly designs and accessible techniques, we ensure safety and inclusivity in every detail. Say goodbye to frustrations and hello to a kitchen that exceeds your expectations. Contact Greymark Design + Build today to embark on your journey to a functional and stylish kitchen.

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Elevate your living spaces with Greymark Design + Build's expert home addition services. Our dedicated team of home addition contractors understands the evolving needs of homeowners, offering tailored solutions for extra bedrooms, private offices, playrooms, sunroom additions, decks, porches, pool houses and more. Whether accommodating a growing family or creating a productive workspace, Greymark is committed to delivering personalized and functional spaces that enhance both comfort and value. Our seamless design-build process ensures reliable communication, covering every detail from initial consultations to the final walk-through. Explore the possibilities and transform your home with Greymark Design + Build—where your vision meets our expertise! Contact us today for an in-home consultation.



Experience expert bathroom remodeling in Houston with Greymark Design + Build, where we understand that bathrooms are more than just functional spaces—they're private sanctuaries. Our seasoned specialists bring extensive experience to every project, offering expertise in interior and structural design, contemporary innovations, beautiful fixtures, and lighting. Tailored to your budget and style, our stress-free approach ensures a functional bathroom renovation you'll love. Explore options for countertops, cabinets, storage, flooring, lighting, walls, sinks, tubs, and showers. Proudly serving Houston areas, including Bellaire, Galleria, Heights, Medical Center, Memorial Villages, Montrose, and more. Transform your bathroom into a beautiful retreat by calling Greymark Design + Build today.

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Whole Homes

Greymark Design + Build is your premier partner for whole home remodeling services in Houston, Texas. Our commitment to excellence, clear communication, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the competitive field of home remodeling. Embark on a transformative journey with our skilled team, dedicated to making your dream home a reality. From personalized design consultations that align with your vision, lifestyle, and preferences to high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, we transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. Greymark offers a range of features, including architectural design, interior and exterior renovations, smart home integration, and energy-efficient upgrades. Specializing in whole house remodeling, we cover everything from doors, entryways, and staircases to bedrooms, kitchens, outdoor spaces, and more. Our professional remodeling contractors ensure a seamless and stress-free experience, handling every aspect of your project with expertise. Contact Greymark Design + Build for a personalized consultation, and let us elevate your living spaces with a home that reflects your style, functionality, and aspirations. Get your consultation today!


Garage Apartments

Explore unparalleled Garage Apartment and Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) remodeling services with Greymark Design + Build in Houston, Texas. Unlock the full potential of your property as we expertly transform a basic garage into stylish, functional, and value-enhancing ADUs. Our trusted team brings innovative designs and seamless execution to every project, ensuring your ADU is a cozy retreat, modern workspace, or versatile living area. With tailored solutions to meet unique needs, Greymark excels in every detail, combining design, construction, and project management expertise. Experience unmatched quality and sophistication, seamlessly integrating ADUs into your lifestyle. Whether creating additional living space, a rental property, or a private office, Greymark's Garage Apartment and ADU remodeling services offer endless possibilities. Trust us for excellence backed by a portfolio of successful projects and satisfied clients. Transform your garage with Greymark Design + Build—contact us today to explore personalized Garage Apartment and ADU remodeling.

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Revitalize your work-from-home experience with Greymark Design + Build's home office remodeling services in Houston, Texas. Your home office is more than a workspace; it's a reflection of your productivity and professional style. Specializing in custom and functional designs, we enhance your work environment with optimal layouts, tailored storage solutions, and seamless technology integration. Our features include customized desks, ergonomic furniture, natural lighting solutions, and privacy enhancements. At Greymark, we prioritize functionality, ensuring your home office is not just visually appealing but also conducive to efficient work. Benefit from personalized consultations, quality craftsmanship, and timely project completion. Contact Greymark Design + Build to transform your home office into a stylish and productive workspace that reflects your professional identity.



Discover luxury bedroom transformations with Greymark Design + Build, your premier choice for exquisite bedroom remodeling services in Houston, Texas. Let us turn your primary bedroom into a captivating oasis through tailored primary bedroom suites and remodels, enhancing both the value and comfort of your home. Explore the lifestyle benefits of a renovated bedroom, offering space for aging residents, creating a nursery or home office, and embracing change. Remodeling a primary bedroom is a strategic investment in your home, and Greymark excels in upscale renovations, capturing your vision with attention to detail. Our primary suite renovations include innovative storage solutions, spa features, and ample natural light, ensuring a relaxing ambiance. Trust Greymark's seamless design-build process for expert primary suite renovations with personalized touches that elevate your space.

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Living Spaces

Experience the transformation of your living spaces with Greymark Design + Build's comprehensive remodeling and renovation services in Houston, Texas. Whether it's your living room, dining room, office, or any other area in your house, our expert team specializes in breathing new life into every corner of your home. From cozy breakfast areas and magnificent staircases to stunning dining rooms and organized closets, Greymark ensures that each space reflects your unique taste and lifestyle. As Houston's premier design-build and remodeling company, we pride ourselves on enhancing family rooms, creating comfort, hospitality, and a notable first impression. Explore living room remodeling ideas, family room additions, sunrooms, bonus rooms, and more with Greymark Design + Build. Embrace open floor plans with living room/kitchen combo remodeling projects, seamlessly integrating spaces for family interaction and entertainment. Say goodbye to cramped, dark areas – let Greymark Design + Build transform every corner of your home into a true masterpiece. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and embark on a journey to elevate your living spaces. Greymark Design + Build—where every corner of your home becomes a reflection of your lifestyle and taste.



Preserve the rich heritage of historic homes in Houston with Greymark Design + Build's expertise in Historic Home Remodeling & Renovation. Our team delicately balances modernization with respect for architectural history, seamlessly blending the old with the new. With extensive experience in obtaining approvals, adhering to guidelines, and respecting unique property character, we combine heritage with modern day living. Addressing challenges like hazardous materials, non-standardized designs, and aging structural elements, our meticulous approach ensures every aspect of historic home renovation is handled with care. Navigating zoning regulations and historic preservation ordinances, we guide you through compliance while achieving desired changes. Explore Houston's historic neighborhoods, including Heights, Old Sixth Ward, Montrose, Cortlandt Place, Norhill, Woodland Heights, First Ward, Boulevard Oaks, Audubon Place, Westmoreland, Avondale, and Broadacres, among others. Partner with Greymark for Historic Home Remodeling Excellence, where history meets innovation in Houston, Texas. Contact us to start the conversation about your historic home remodeling ideas.

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