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Choosing the Perfect Cabinets for Your Houston Kitchen Remodeling Journey

Embarking on a Houston kitchen remodeling project? Elevate your storage game with cabinets that not only organize but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your kitchen space. Discover the key considerations and options to make your cabinet choices truly magical.

Types of Cabinets: Finding the Perfect Fit

Cabinets are versatile storage solutions, each serving a unique purpose in your kitchen remodel:

  1. Base Cabinets: Ideal for under-the-counter storage, these cabinets feature a toe kick for enhanced accessibility and reduced fatigue.

  2. Wall-Mounted Cabinets: Opt for front-opening wall-mounted cabinets for ergonomic design and efficient space utilization.

  3. Tall Cabinets: Standalone floor-to-ceiling cabinets perfect for pantry and broom storage, maximizing vertical space in your kitchen.

  4. Specialty Units: Customized units like bottle racks, corner cabinets, appliance garages, and suspended units maximize square footage.

Quality Grade: Elevating Your Choices

Once you’ve selected the type, consider the quality grade that suits your Houston kitchen remodel:

  1. Ready-to-Assemble: Convenient and available in home stores, offering 25% more storage space with full-depth cabinets.

  2. Stock Cabinets: Size-specific cabinets constructed on-site from modular units, providing an attractive and affordable style.

  3. Semi-Custom Cabinets: Offering more styles, features, and options than stock cabinets, allowing for customization.

  4. Custom Cabinets: The most diverse in style, functionality, and accessories, tailored to your unique space with hand-built options.

Styling, Finishes, and Features: Unleashing Creativity

With the cabinet type and quality grade sorted, it’s time for the exciting part – choosing the styling, finishes, and features for your dream kitchen:

  1. Cabinet Doors: Consider door styles like slab-style for a modern look, shaker-style for elegance, cathedral top for a traditional touch, or glass doors for displaying cutlery.

  2. Colors and Finishes: Opt for one solid color or go for a two-toned look, experimenting with complementary colors, floors, hardware, and countertops. Choose finishes like high gloss for a modern look, matte for subtlety, or semi-gloss for a traditional touch.

  3. Open Shelving: Enhance accessibility with open shelving, offering a casual and modern style while expanding storage compared to framed cabinet boxes.

  4. Special Features: Invest in touch-to-open doors, pull-out storage to reduce body strain and eliminate dead space, built-in charging points for electronics, and a well-lit cabinet for visual appeal and ease of storage.

Environmentally Conscious Choices: A Healthy Home

Choose eco-friendly materials to contribute to a healthy home, family, and environment during your Houston kitchen remodeling project.

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