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Elevate Your Bathroom Experience: 10 Must-Try Upgrades by Greymark Design + Build

Revamping your bathroom is a delightful endeavor that can transform it into a rejuvenating sanctuary. If you’re contemplating bathroom upgrades but unsure where to begin, Greymark Design + Build is here to inspire you with ten fun and fresh ideas to enhance your commode’s abode.

1. Retro Vanity: Timeless Style for Your Space

Bring a touch of nostalgia to your bathroom with a retro vanity. Embrace the charm of a dresser vanity, adding both style and storage. Jazz it up with towel holders or keep it simple for a timeless look. Everything old is new again, and a retro vanity is a classic choice for modernizing your bathroom.

2. Elegant Pedestals: Maximizing Space with Style

Short on space for a full vanity? Consider the elegance of a pedestal sink. This sleek option saves room while maintaining a classy look. Explore styles to match your aesthetic, and for added storage, opt for two pedestal sinks with drawers in between. The versatility of pedestals makes them a perfect fit for any bathroom.

3. Shower Doors: Privacy and Splash Protection

Say goodbye to bathroom floor surprises with the addition of shower doors. Not only do they offer privacy, but they also prevent water from escaping. If space is a concern, consider sliding doors for a similar effect. Keep your bathroom dry and stylish with this functional upgrade.

4. Tub Tile Magic: Stylish and Protective

Transform your bathtub with tiled walls that not only add a pop of color but also protect against water and stains. Explore a variety of tile styles to find the perfect match for your bathroom’s aesthetic. Tub tile is a practical and visually appealing upgrade for a spa-like atmosphere.

5. Medicine Cabinet: Neat and Organized Spaces

Upgrade your bathroom’s organization with a medicine cabinet. Picture this scenario: preparing for a night out, everything laid out neatly, and then, disaster—a toothbrush falls into a dirty sink! Avoid such mishaps by adding a medicine cabinet. This simple yet effective upgrade keeps everything in order and within reach. For couples, consider installing two medicine cabinets for personalized storage.

6. Towel Rack Creativity: Inexpensive Personal Touch

Revamp your towel rack for an affordable bathroom upgrade. Get creative with vintage faucet handles, transforming them into unique and inexpensive towel hangers. Personalize your bathroom by adding your own touch, and explore options beyond what’s available at your local store.

7. Faucet Facelift: Functional and Stylish

Consider upgrading your faucets for a functional and stylish change. Over time, faucets can develop leaks and rust, signaling the need for an update. Faucet handles are cost-effective, with many options under $20. Choose a design that complements your bathroom, or go for a wall-mounted faucet for a fresh and contemporary look.

8. Soap Dish Integration: Practical and Space-Saving

While soap dishes may seem mundane, having a designated space for soap is a practical idea. Avoid slipping on soap and tripping after a shower by integrating a built-in soap dish. This simple addition frees up your tub’s edges for additional storage options.

9. Re-caulk Your Tub: Fresh and Mold-Free

Maintain your tub’s integrity and guard against mold by periodically re-caulking. If your caulk is showing signs of wear or discoloration, it’s time for a refresh. Re-caulking is a straightforward task that can breathe new life into your tub, making it look brand new.

10. Tackle the Tile: Step-by-Step Bathroom Remodeling

Embarking on a bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor. Start with the floors as a manageable first step. Tackling bathroom floors allows you to achieve a significant upgrade without breaking the bank. Whether you complete the entire remodel over time or focus on specific elements, this approach lets you enjoy the desired changes without a major upfront investment.

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