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Ready to embark on a remodel?

Ready to embark on a remodel? Don’t let the uncertainty, stress, and tedium drive you crazy! Greymark is here to make your life easier.

First thing first… What is a Design + Build?

Design and build firms are more than general contractors. Legit design and build firms will have an architect, designer, estimator, and have multiple project managers on staff to complete projects. Homeowners looking to hire a firm with these benefits only have one contract signing and multi-talented staff at their disposal. This setup takes stress off homeowners because they no longer have to communicate with a designer, architect, and subcontractor separately on their own. The highlight of a design and build firm is they take care of all communication, trade/subcontractors, material acquisition, and design.

But what are homeowners really getting when choosing a design and build firm? When hiring new businesses for a service, there are bits and pieces that are unique to that company. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a design and build firm to design and manage your home remodel versus managing it yourself:

1. The design and build firm takes care of everything

Hiring a design and build firm relinquishes the stress of dealing with communicating, paying, and signing a contract with a designer, contractor, trades, and architect. The design and build firm leads the project from start to finish, advising homeowners through the entire process. If a homeowner manages their project, they’re finding each trade and material on their own, which can add up in time and costs. Working with a design and build firm allows the homeowner to decide what they want their space to look like, and then sit back and wait for the ending result.

2. Communication between the design and build firm and the homeowner

When the design and build firm takes over a project, they become the key factor of communication with the homeowner. Whenever decisions are made, the design and build firm reports to the design team and trades. If something needs to be relayed to the homeowners by the trades, the project manager will contact the client. Open communication allows the homeowner not to feel overwhelmed with back-and-forth contact that leads to many mismanagement issues. The project manager will create a daily log for the homeowner so the client can stay up to date with the progress of their project and be notified if any issues may arise.

3. Constant quality work

Design and build firms that are top tier will have an architect, designer, estimator, and project manager on staff. This generates a well-rounded team and prevents the firm from outsourcing tasks. Having these positions as part of the team produces quality work that firms can be proud of. Their familiarity and teamwork will result in a beautiful product in the end.

4. Unique design process

Design and build firms have a design process that centers on creating the client’s dream space. Any design and build firm will listen to its client and design a space that reflects the homeowner’s style. The design process should center around finding the story behind the remodel. Understanding why the client wants to take on a renovation can help the design and build firm construct floor plan options.

5. Excellent warranty program

Most homeowners feel uneasy when searching for a contractor to remodel their home. Homeowner’s worry about questionable contract work is a constant stigma contracting firms are up against. One way to flag incompetent contractors is to ask if the design and build firm has a warranty program written into the contract. Homeowners should check for individual warranty programs for craftmanship, licensed trades, and structural issues that spread over the years. Design and build firms with a strong warranty program prove to homeowners that they won’t be abandoned with a faulty product once the project is over.

Greymark is Houston’s inner loop premier residential restoration and remodeling design and build firm.

Our design process involves a building designer that creates multiple options with 3D models to help homeowners visual themselves in the space. Designing breathtaking floor plans is his job. His designs are efficient, to code, and beautiful. In fact, he is an award-winning building designer. Our selection manager offers experience and advice when helping clients choose the materials they want in their space. From countertops, backsplash, flooring, and fixtures, our selections designer has the connections to shape an amazing space. To round out the fabulous design team, our estimator works diligently to track down the best prices for materials and labor when putting together the scope of work. He is constantly searching for quality materials at the best price. Once he has finished the scope, homeowners have a scope review meeting with the design team that goes through each element of their project before contract signing. Once the scope has been approved, homeowners are ready to move forward with .

During the contract signing meeting, homeowners are introduced to their project manager. The relationship between the project manager and homeowner is very important. Project managers are at the homeowner’s home almost every day. They make sure everything is getting done based on the scope of work and the budget stays within its limit. Project managers communicate daily with homeowners, updating them on the process of the work and any problems that the crew might have run into. Their forte is solving problems immediately without going over budget. Our project managers have years of project management experience and can arguably be considered the best in Houston. They work well and have great communication with our trusted trades, allowing a smooth project. The trades we work with are the best in the city. We believe that when you find someone good, you stay with them for years. All our trades are licensed and insured, owning their businesses for decades. We truly could not do better!

Greymark has a fantastic warranty program, as well. Once we finish a project, we stick around for years, emphasizing our pride in our work. Our program is called 1-2-10, 1 year for craftmanship, 2 years for licensed trades, and 10 years for structural. Greymark stands by our warranty program and always makes time for our clients.

Working with Greymark eliminates the stress of managing your project. It allows homeowners to stay on budget and end with quality work. Trusting Greymark will leave homeowners with a high-quality space designed and built by experienced, knowledgeable, and talented builders. Priceless when your home and family are concerned.

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Greymark Assurance

Rest assured with our Greymark Guarantee. We stand by our work, offering warranties for every aspect. We warranty our work for one year for workmanship, two years for all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, and six years for structural. However, our goal is that we’ve built your project where the only calls we get are ones where you are gushing about your home. Your investment in us is reciprocated with our commitment to excellence.

Experience a client-centric journey that surpasses expectations. Contact Greymark Design + Build today for a prompt and personalized consultation. Let's transform your vision into a remarkable reality.

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