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East Downtown Houston, affectionately known as EaDo, is a vibrant district in the bustling city of Houston, Texas. Managed by the East Downtown Management District with headquarters at the co-working space, START Houston, EaDo is east of Downtown Houston and north of the major Interstate 45. Conveniently positioned between the George R. Brown Convention Center and the East End district, EaDo is also home to the Old Chinatown, a unique part of Houston's history distinct from the Chinatown in southwestern Houston.

The rich history of this district dates back to the 1930s, when Cantonese immigrants moved from Downtown Houston to this part of what was then the Third Ward area for affordable land opportunities. This migration led to the establishment of several businesses, including grocery stores and restaurants, and the celebration of Chinese New Year. Over the years, immigrants from other East Asian countries, including Vietnam, also moved into the district.

In the early 1950s, many Chinese businesses migrated to the southeastern edge of Downtown Houston as the original Chinatown was gradually replaced with commercial development. The district started to consolidate in the 1970s when a significant number of Asian immigrants began moving to Houston, resulting in the establishment of a theater, supermarkets, warehouses, a bank, and restaurants within the district.

Despite facing several challenges, the district has shown remarkable resilience and adaptability over the years. Today, it is a thriving part of the city, home to a variety of venues like the Shell Energy Stadium, which not only hosts soccer and football events but also concerts and boxing matches. The district's contemporary name, 'EaDo,' short for 'East Downtown,' was adopted in the late 2000s, reflecting the area's evolution and its status as a key part of Houston's urban fabric.

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