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Midtown is located in the heart of Houston and is less than a stone's throw away from the bustling downtown, separated merely by the elevated Interstate 45. This enclave is easily recognized by its grid-like street plan, led by Main Street and the METRORail Red Line. Midtown's boundaries extend to Neartown (Montrose) in the west, the Museum District in the south, and Interstate 69 to the east. Although it spans just 1.24 square miles, Midtown is home to about 8,600 residents as of 2015.

What started as a Victorian-style residential neighborhood in the 19th century underwent an economic slump in the latter half of the 20th century, causing a significant reduction in population and business operations. However, with the establishment of the Midtown Redevelopment Authority in the early 1990s, the area began to see a renaissance. An influx of young residents and a burgeoning nightlife scene turned Midtown into a vibrant urban district.

Around 1906, Midtown was shared between the Third and Fourth Ward. Prior to the 1950s, it was a coveted residential district. Over time, commercial activities drove residents to quieter neighborhoods, and Midtown transitioned into a mix of small apartment complexes, low-rise commercial buildings, and older houses.

Midtown, in the 1970s, became a hub for the Vietnamese and Vietnamese Americans, who were key contributors to its redevelopment. In the 1980s, streets such as Travis and Milam Streets bore a striking resemblance to Saigon in the 1970s. "Little Saigon," as it was referred to, was bustled with Vietnamese restaurants, salons, car shops, and travel agencies.

In recent years, Midtown has continued to develop but has had to grapple with issues of crime, insufficient infrastructure, chronic homelessness and public investment disparities. Despite these challenges, it remains a favorite neighborhood for millennials according to a 2014 ranking by Niche.

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