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Rice Military

Rice Military is an alluring and dynamic neighborhood in the heart of Houston, Texas. This community, famous for its Beer Can House landmark, is drenched in history, having served as a critical military training camp during World War I - Camp Logan. After the war, Memorial Park breathed new life into the area previously dominated by the military presence.

The name "Rice Military" is a tribute to the Rice family, once the landowners of this thriving locale. Among the Rices, William Marsh Rice remains an iconic figure, generously bequeathing his fortune to establish the renowned Rice University. The entire area soon transitioned into what is now known as Rice Military, with Bankers Trust Co. purchasing it for $54,425 (equivalent to approximately $908,200 today).

As penned by Betty L. Martin of the Houston Chronicle, Rice Military began as a "once-rural community built over 80 years ago, brimming with local stores and blue-collar bungalows along tree-shrouded avenues." However, the 1990s saw a cultural shift as artists flocked to the area, instigating significant changes.

By 2003, the neighborhood had evolved into a hotspot for young professionals seeking proximity to city amenities like restaurants, theaters, and especially Memorial Park. As Tim Bammel of Martha Turner Properties noted in the Houston Chronicle, Rice Military had matured into "a real urban center."

Fast forward to 2022, and the community has been acknowledged for its historical significance with the creation of the Brunner-Harmonium Historic District. This district, showcasing a block of eight homes constructed between 1905 and 1915, offers a unique glimpse into the past. Now, Rice Military stands as a symbol of resilient community growth and urban revitalization.

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