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Southgate is an inviting neighborhood of Houston, Texas. The vibrant community has a rich history that's continually unfolding. Southgate is known for its harmonious blend of modern urban living and cozy neighborhood charm. In 2002, St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital embarked on a major expansion project, further enhancing the neighborhood's dynamic landscape.

One of the community's major successes has been the transformation of University Boulevard into a residential street, a project initiated by residents in 2003. This alteration has significantly reduced traffic, enhancing the tranquility and safety of the streets. The Southgate Civic Club played a pivotal role in this project, advocating for a street closure on Southgate Boulevard to curb traffic from the Texas Medical Center. Consequently, in late 2003, a portion of Southgate Boulevard was closed by the City of Houston's Public Works Department, effectively blocking Medical Center traffic.

Southgate residents value the peace and quiet of the neighborhood, as evidenced by the successful efforts to close Southgate Boulevard east of Travis Street. This step has effectively deterred commuters to the nearby St. Luke's office building from parking within the peaceful enclave. The community's actions have, by and large, been met with little opposition, reflecting the collective commitment to preserving the unique character of Southgate.

The Southgate community is always looking ahead. In 2004, some residents considered establishing a property owners association with the goal of further safeguarding the neighborhood against undesirable developments and reinforcing deed restrictions. The community encourages open dialogue and various perspectives in all decision-making processes.

In 2007, collaboration with Houston City Council member Anne Clutterbuck on a plan to adjust street closures for continued curbing of Texas Medical Center traffic. Southgate's ongoing dedication to shaping the neighborhood's future was praised by Raj Mankad of the Houston Chronicle in 2010, who admired the ability to maintain a close-knit community feel despite being surrounded by the high rises of the Texas Medical Center.

In 2010, the City of Houston extended its innovative 'automated' curbside recycling program to Southgate, reflecting the commitment to sustainability. Explore Southgate, a neighborhood that perfectly balances the advantages of city living with a warm, community spirit.

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