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Explore the charm of West University Place, a vibrant city located within the bustling Houston-Sugar Land metropolitan area of Texas, and the southwestern Harris County. Fondly called 'West U' or 'The Neighborhood City,' this residential haven boasts a population of 14,955, as of the 2020 U.S. census. Primarily a residential area for high-income families, West University Place is enclosed by the cities of Bellaire, Houston, and Southside Place, making it a convenient base for urban living.

Originally developed in 1917 by ex-Tennessee Governor, Ben Hooper, West University Place derives its name from its proximity to the prestigious Rice University. The city has always maintained a reputation for high-income households, ranking fifth in the state for houses with incomes $150,000 or greater.

The cityscape of West University Place is dotted with streets named after famous authors such as Geoffrey Chaucer, John Dryden, and William Shakespeare, thanks to Lillian 'Lilly' Nicholson, a Rice University English Major. Nicholson's creative input has left a lasting impact on the city's landscape, providing a unique character to the city.

West University Place was officially incorporated on January 2, 1924. The city, with a formal charter adopted in 1940, has a rich history of growth and development, refusing consolidation and maintaining its independent status.

The city underwent a significant transformation in 1992, when it liberalized its development rules, sparking a wave of construction and propelling the city into an upscale neighborhood for young urban professionals. Today, West University Place is a bustling, affluent community, and was ranked as the 'best city to live in' by 24/7 Wall Street and USA Today on October 22, 2018.

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